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Language Exchange: Practice a foreign language with native speaker in video call

4.4 ( 3904 ratings )
ソーシャルネットワーキング 教育
開発者 YawaraJitsu

Language exchange from your own home, through video calls, with native speakers from all over the world.

Once you know the basics of a foreign language, what you need most, is to practice this language every day.

With this app you practice your new language, without physically having to meet up with someone.

* Its fun and you meet people from different cultures.
* You learn slang and colloquial expressions you normally wouldn’t learn in a language class.
* You practice listening, speaking and writing.
* Its the fastest and most effective language learning method.

1. Register with your email.
2. Choose any online user or invite an offline user.
3. Dont worry if you dont know what to talk about. Every 5 minutes you will hear the subject that you are supposed to talk about.
4. Choose whether you want to improve your speaking skills with voice or video calls or your writing skills with text messages.
5. Every 5 minutes you will hear a gong, which indicates its time to change languages.

Speak unlimited with the PREMIUM account. The basic account has a 10-minute per week limit.